50 States in 50 Days - A Rosen Family Adventure

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Day 50...We landed at home at 1:30 p.m and it sure is sweet...Day 50 photos posted at 7 p.m. on Aug 6th


Welcome to the Rosen Family's Latest Adventure.  We are embarking on our biggest adventure ever.   From June 18th until August 6th, we will be on our quest to visit all 50 United States in 50 days or less.  Sandy and Lucinda, along with our three children, Carly, 15 (turning 16 in July), Ryan, 14, and Sydney, 10, will "hit the road."  We have set up this website so that our family and friends can share in our adventure.  We will update this site every day of the trip, adding photos and stories chronicling our adventure.



The Story: With the kids getting older, we began to realize that the days of the family vacation may be nearing their end.  "Soon they will be driving, graduating High School and heading off to College.  They will want to spend more time with their friends and less with their family."  We made a checklist of several places we'd like to see before they totally lose interest in being with us.  On the list was a trip out west.  We thought we'd fly out, rent an RV and see the sites.  Then we thought we'd rent an RV and drive out west and see everything along the way.  This line of thinking went to the extreme and we joked about going to all 50.  In the hours and days that followed we began to consider the possibility.  We figured if we left Michigan, traveled through Ohio and ended up in Pennsylvania, we'd have completed three in one day.  At that rate, we could see 48 in 16 days.  We pulled out a map and the joke slowly made its way toward reality.


The Vehicle: Rather than cramming into the family wagon, we thought it would be nice if we didn't have to stop every time someone had to use the bathroom.  We decided to get a small RV; large enough that we could get up and move around, use the potty and get a drink or snack, yet small enough to maneuver, get good gas mileage and have a teenager share in the driving.  We got a hold of a good-condition, used Roadtrek Versatile 190.  This class-B RV is built on the chassis of an ordinary Chevy Van with a little higher roof and the layout of a camper.

The coach is equipped with GPS navigation, Sirius satellite radio, refrigerator/freezer, stove, microwave oven, flat-screen television, Playstation 2, DVD player, sink, toilet and shower (with hot and cold running water), and an onboard generator.  See more about the Roadtrek here: Roadtrek Versatile


The Plan: We'll head out first thing Sunday, June 18th.  Leaving Michigan we'll go into Ohio and head east toward Pennsylvania and then up toward Maine.  We'll zigzag down the east coast and across the south until we reach Arizona.  From Phoenix, we'll fly to Hawaii for a three day break before returning to trek up the west coast.  From Seattle, we'll fly to Alaska and back, then head toward home zigzagging across the northern states.  See our itinerary page by clicking on the navigation bar above.

We thought it would be a nice touch to collect family photos at each state's welcome sign we encountered.  We'll post these on a daily basis.  We didn't feel that simply passing through a state was enough to consider having visited it so we decided we'd have a meal in every state.  After more consideration, we didn't think that was quite enough so we settled on visiting a tourist attraction in every state.